Feb 1, 2010


good news this week. hopefully friday night i'm playing a live set (and perhaps some DJ'ing) at my friends house for her birthday. i have the honor to announce that one of my best friends, Jesus, will be playing drums for my live set (and all future shows as well). ill explain him in another post soon since there is just too much to say i don't even know where to begin. all i can say is he is the most dynamic drummers i have had the honor of knowing. anywho it should be really fun and i hope it goes well and i hope i don't suck.
secondly, i finally figured out when and what im gonna release music (or whatever you want to call it) wise.
ill be putting out a LP and 2 EPs within the next month online and totally 100% free. all three will be very different from each other.
the LP called O KOKOMO will consist of some of my older drone-y crap like beach cassette jam, so long, inside healin lodge, etc.
an EP entitled COME PERSONA (subject to change) with the late night, nostalgic, 80's asian R&B vibez and a little new jack swing.
and last but not least an EP that will be called MUTANT DISCO. this will include Rolf and other disjointed future alien club hits.
this one is gonna be really different but i wanted to make something that made me feel like a kid drawing all kinds of monsters
with shitty markers and glitters.
oh and possibly a split EP with my pal FOXES IN FICTION.
heard some new stuff from his tape thats about to come out and you should be really excited to hear it.