Jan 14, 2010


i had a weird dream back in summer 09 after a night of watching Blade Runner. i was a kid named Rolf in like the year 2050 or something and i snuck out of my post modern house at like 3 AM. i went down town in the city near by and everything was all cyber-punk-ish and there was fog and smoke and rain and neon lights and loud weird alien beats blasting from the clubs i was walking near. i don't really remember the rest but i know it probably didn't end too happy. any way the point of this post is that when i woke up i felt really inspired so i tried my hardest to recreate the beats i imagined. i've had the beats for awhile and showed it to some friends. they all said someone should rap over them but i got tired of just having it laying around so i added some more stuff and made a 'song' i guess. not something i would usually make but maybe somebody will enjoy this weird futuristic tribal tune i conjured up.


ps. most of the stuff i post (or probably all) sound better with headphones on or loud speakers like in a car or something. heads up. :P